Thursday, February 12, 2015

Spring...? Is that you?

I was an exchange student for a year in Belgium and I often felt annoyed at how much folks there discussed the weather. The chit-chat of it never seemed to end in conversation, just as weather never does, right? So, as my life becomes more intricately linked to the seasons via gardening and animal husbandry, I find weather particularly fascinating and worthy of constant observance, conversation and even blogging! I guess I'm turning into a boring ol' Belgian….

But really, what's up with this weather?? It's mid-February, 50 + degrees, sunny, the ground is thawed, and we're going all out for the coming spring right now. Shaun's got a great start on our chicken coop roof, tomatoes are starting on the sill, I'm working on a new moveable greenhouse, the creek is flowing, and we're scoping out the garden perimeters for our new posts and fence. What's next- lambing in February? Daffodils? I wouldn't be surprised. There is a great sense relief for the coming-out-of-doors in our household this week and with seeds en route, chicks delivered on the 27th and structures manifesting, we are soaking it in, 50 degrees and all.