Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Woody Projects

Starting a little homestead from scratch (besides the cabin) isn't cheap. Animal shelters, hay feeders, chicken coop, fencing pastures, fencing a garden, compost toilet, orchard, it all adds up. And really fast. So, we're doing our best to collect the materials for free or barter. Pallets and timbers are easy to come by if you know where to look or have a forest permit to harvest from. But lumber is another story. 
Quite randomly, some neighbors from across the way saw our little building projects in the half-way phase and asked if we needed some more building supplies. They said to bring our trailer and we could fill it up, so by the grace of neighborly generosity we are now rich in 2x6's, a few 2x12s and lots of siding and plywood. Thank you kind neighbors!!

This hay feeder is just about done. Shaun plans on cutting some cedar shingles for the roof but I think the purchasing of the froe will have to wait while more essential tools are acquired. This is by far the best hay feeder that Shaun has built. There is little wasted hay, good cover and everyone gets a fair share at feeding at the same time. We used a swatch of rigid cattle fencing, some old plywood, thin timbers, a tarp and a few 2x4s. I love what intuitive building manifests! 

And…the moveable chicken coop project that is going painfully slow…but more on that later.