Sunday, September 21, 2014

Celebrating My Mother

We hosted my mother's 70th birthday today. It was such a pleasure to spend the morning making beautiful table arrangements, baking a triple layer vanilla paleo cake, cleaning house and dressing Lars up in a fancy little outfit. Because the celebration was for my mom, it didn't feel like work. As the years continue, I feel less of that mother/daughter struggle and more gratitude, A LOT more gratitude. Now a mother myself, it's much easier to see how loving, patient and generous my mother was with me through all those horrendously hormonal teen years. She spent hours cutting out paper dolls with me on weekends amidst cooking, cleaning and full time work and made fun travel bags for me every time we took a trip to Seattle. What a wonderful mom!

Family members blessed our home for the first time today as well, and I can now say I truly feel at home. Sharing a meal with not just immediate family, but the extended members always gives me the sense that I am home. These people have known me and helped to raise me since my birth and now we share toasts, home cooked meals and the last few gorgeous days of summer together.