Friday, February 20, 2015

A Rack for Lars

This idea was inspired by an art and hook rack from a wonderful book called Handmade Home. I cut out pictures from a storybook I used to have as a child and didn't really care for the content, but liked the retro art. The brass knobs were a special find at my favorite senior center thrift store and a few from World Market. Some paint and a ribbon for the edging…. and voila!

 For a while now, I've wanted an easy method for Lars to pick out his outdoor clothing with ease so I'm not running up and down the stairs with muddy boots on between outdoor projects. Now, if he falls in a puddle and need a new jacket or pants, I can tell him to find a new dry set on his little rack and bring them downstairs for mama to help change. I love finding small ways to make things more efficient throughout the day as well as give Lars a chance to become more independent and do things on his own.

Growin' up and hanging up his  own clothes!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I love you, Sun.

I guess we're starting spring early this year, or at least temporarily, and we're taking full advantage of these splendidly sunny days. After so many cold, dark months it's easy to forget what early morning sun looks like coming through the bedroom window and how much easier it is to get out of bed to start a full day of outdoor work. I. love. it. This week's brightness has fully renewed our energies to continue building on the beginnings of our new homestead. And this time, with a bit of experience behind us. We're carefully observing the lay of the land in the few seasons we have now lived here; where the pond/s will make to most sense to absorb and hold water, how to extend our pasture, the perfect spot for a wood-fired hot tub. It's really exciting to formulate the plans for the five acres we live within and just now watching this process manifest, step by step, each rainy, snowy, and sunny day that we meet each day.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sacred Sunday

A day of rest, family, connection, friends and relishing in the sweetness of life

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Spring...? Is that you?

I was an exchange student for a year in Belgium and I often felt annoyed at how much folks there discussed the weather. The chit-chat of it never seemed to end in conversation, just as weather never does, right? So, as my life becomes more intricately linked to the seasons via gardening and animal husbandry, I find weather particularly fascinating and worthy of constant observance, conversation and even blogging! I guess I'm turning into a boring ol' Belgian….

But really, what's up with this weather?? It's mid-February, 50 + degrees, sunny, the ground is thawed, and we're going all out for the coming spring right now. Shaun's got a great start on our chicken coop roof, tomatoes are starting on the sill, I'm working on a new moveable greenhouse, the creek is flowing, and we're scoping out the garden perimeters for our new posts and fence. What's next- lambing in February? Daffodils? I wouldn't be surprised. There is a great sense relief for the coming-out-of-doors in our household this week and with seeds en route, chicks delivered on the 27th and structures manifesting, we are soaking it in, 50 degrees and all.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Froeing It Up!

We spent a bit of family time today using our new froe to make cedar shingles for outbuildings that will (hopefully) be erected throughout this upcoming spring and summer. We have a lot of building projects to raise on this new homestead: a small barn, chicken coop, tool shed, greenhouse, rabbit housing, and perhaps more as needed…
Historically, I have been known to wimp out after fifteen minutes of hand tool use, but, unexpectedly, I really enjoy using a froe. That satisfying rip, rip, then pop! and the shingle is there, ready to accompany a beautiful and functional roof or siding. Oh, and the smell of the cedar as we got deeper into the core. Such a sweet and grounding scent.
Lars took a pretty active role in our afternoon project by bedding down on many of the shingles and taking "a nap". I guess it was that wet, cold wood or perhaps the comforting smell? Who knows…Two-year-olds have some pretty interesting ideas. So with enough shingles to complete the roof of the chicken coop, we can hopefully continue on the long-overdue chicken tractor that has been in the works since last fall. Good thing, too, because we've got twenty little chicks arriving on the 27th! 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Petulant Knit

I have two complaints today. The first is that my dear camera is traveling with my parents until mid-March and I'm stuck with the choice of an iPhone or an antiquated camera from many years past. Superficial as it is, there is a richness that adds to the blogging experience for both me and the viewers through vivid imagery and color. Oh well…it's just a month.

The second complaint is in regards to my latest knitting project, which, upon completion is nothing to write home about, as my husband would say. After countless baby sweaters, diaper covers, socks, hats and mittens, I figured something substantial was next up in my career as a hobbyist knitter. A skirt seemed like just the project for a long Idaho winter, or so I thought..I tried a free pattern from Ravelry, which happened to be of size for a much larger woman and the waist band fit practically as a hem. So, after a skein of yarn and this realization, the unraveling began and I bought a pattern from Ravelry. Unfortunately, the hem rolled at the end and I had to re-cast on the 300+ stitches and make a ribbed edge to keep down the roll. 
Now it's done and the flaws, that can be so endearing in a knitted piece, are a bit too obvious with the contrasting colors and the hem looks strange. I wore it out yesterday and boy is it warm! As much as I love the design of the skirt, I think I will need to re-make this one day, applying the wisdom of what not to do. Although, it's a complaint, it's not a devastation and I've got a new project in the works. Let's just say, merino. silk. alpaca. tunic. sweater. Oh, the luxury of knitting!

Sacred Sunday

A day of rest, family, connection, friends and relishing in the sweetness of life