Monday, June 15, 2015

Garden Playdates

I've recently discovered the trick to managing our massive garden with a toddler, which is to borrow other mother's children (aka playdate) for a morning or afternoon. I often feel as though I am "borrowing" them however when I find myself texting my mother friends, looking for a bit of distraction for Lars while I put in the next batch of carrots or thin the beets. This tactic works marvelously, though, and the "borrowing" becomes more than distraction, but rather joyful as visiting friends find pleasure in the space to roam and explore a rural landscape, while Lars gets his much-needed little person time and show off his little chicks or favorite new dirt mound for truck digging.
I find that having an extra little one around helps me take more breaks- since my gardening is so much more efficient while they are playing, the breaks come easily without feeling like I'm neglecting my seedlings or weeds. Snacks, guitar-playing, some knitting, and playing are woven into an already busy day, but with no anxiety, as I know I'll have the focus to go back to work when the friends are off on their next adventure.

Our break this afternoon consisted of last year's blueberries with the loveliest coconut cream, frothed in the Vitamix for a minute (thanks for the tip, Bernadette!). I added chocolate chips to mine after the boys had settled themselves down to their treats. Kind of sneaky, but just what I needed after an hour of hand-tilling a new carrot bed. A little extra boost... 

I'm really pleased with the abundance and beauty that is our garden this year. Being that this is the first year growing food, we sure got lucky with an exceptionally warm spring. Our tomatoes are even blossoming! I was certain that we would be doing a lot of greenhouse/hoop house gardening living so far North, and perhaps we will have to use more covering come next year, but this…this I will take with gratitude and a deep pleasure in this wild, beautiful garden that we have so thoughtfully sowed, thanks to our playdates with friends!