Wednesday, November 12, 2014


My husband is a master at finding ways to not go to Home Depot for construction projects. Sometimes the outcome of these projects is less than desirable but often they look more like works of art, unconventional yet sturdy, natural and beautiful. 
It surely is going to snow any day now and we really, really need to put up a sheep shed before that happens. It's going to be a timber frame shed built with pallets and old cedar siding from my parent's cabin. But first things first- the timbers. 

It was one of those days where Lars was in a great mood and happy to step on every mushroom he could find, crawling over logs without the least bit of annoyance for a loud chainsaw or chilly weather. Shaun did the chainsaw part and we both carried out our larch and cedar timbers. The outcome exceeded our initial estimate as we kept telling ourselves that just one more would only take a minute. And it really was quite easy! Shaun is starting to scheme on a rustic log cabin for his "man-cave". We worked until dark and with sore shoulders and tired legs we got home just in time for some homemade chicken soup and an invite for a wood-fired hot tub with friends. Life is good...