Friday, October 24, 2014

Spring Flowers

In a moment of feeling decadent I ordered over a hundred tulip and daffodil bulbs to plant around our home and land for next spring. The one thing I miss dearly is a garden (to be planted in the spring) and the assurance of perennial herbs and flowers with warmer days. So, taking a look into the new growing season, I knew that some vibrant flowers would be much appreciated after a long Idaho winter. It's a plant that I'm pretty sure a moose or deer can't nibble on or destroy before our orchard and garden fencing is complete. Having studied and practiced permaculture principles for quite some time, I'm not sure how flowers for flowers sake fit into the the whole regenerative cycle. However, I do know that brightly colored beauty is much appreciated after the dull ochres and grays of the winter season. I'm hoping to forget some of the far off places Lars and I planted these bulbs and be surprised come March and April. Until then, we'll continue the process of nestling into the cabin and finishing up the final outdoor projects.