Friday, February 20, 2015

A Rack for Lars

This idea was inspired by an art and hook rack from a wonderful book called Handmade Home. I cut out pictures from a storybook I used to have as a child and didn't really care for the content, but liked the retro art. The brass knobs were a special find at my favorite senior center thrift store and a few from World Market. Some paint and a ribbon for the edging…. and voila!

 For a while now, I've wanted an easy method for Lars to pick out his outdoor clothing with ease so I'm not running up and down the stairs with muddy boots on between outdoor projects. Now, if he falls in a puddle and need a new jacket or pants, I can tell him to find a new dry set on his little rack and bring them downstairs for mama to help change. I love finding small ways to make things more efficient throughout the day as well as give Lars a chance to become more independent and do things on his own.

Growin' up and hanging up his  own clothes!