Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Petulant Knit

I have two complaints today. The first is that my dear camera is traveling with my parents until mid-March and I'm stuck with the choice of an iPhone or an antiquated camera from many years past. Superficial as it is, there is a richness that adds to the blogging experience for both me and the viewers through vivid imagery and color. Oh well…it's just a month.

The second complaint is in regards to my latest knitting project, which, upon completion is nothing to write home about, as my husband would say. After countless baby sweaters, diaper covers, socks, hats and mittens, I figured something substantial was next up in my career as a hobbyist knitter. A skirt seemed like just the project for a long Idaho winter, or so I thought..I tried a free pattern from Ravelry, which happened to be of size for a much larger woman and the waist band fit practically as a hem. So, after a skein of yarn and this realization, the unraveling began and I bought a pattern from Ravelry. Unfortunately, the hem rolled at the end and I had to re-cast on the 300+ stitches and make a ribbed edge to keep down the roll. 
Now it's done and the flaws, that can be so endearing in a knitted piece, are a bit too obvious with the contrasting colors and the hem looks strange. I wore it out yesterday and boy is it warm! As much as I love the design of the skirt, I think I will need to re-make this one day, applying the wisdom of what not to do. Although, it's a complaint, it's not a devastation and I've got a new project in the works. Let's just say, merino. silk. alpaca. tunic. sweater. Oh, the luxury of knitting!