Saturday, May 16, 2015

Always Making...

We're in the midst of working on several semi-completed projects; almost done, but not quite. I get the sense that both this table and compost toilet will be happily put to use within the week and I wanted to share my anticipation.

While living in our yurt in Oregon, we did not have indoor plumbing and became very accustomed to our lovely compost toilet tucked back in the forest, overlooking the ravine. Visiting friends would try to "hold it" on their drive out to the farm just so they could enjoy the view and the pleasant sweetness of the cottonwoods surrounding the little toilet house. But most importantly, we were taking human waste and converting it into humanure: both functional and fruitful for the land. 

Now we have a indoor plumbing, a septic system and not one, but TWO toilets in our new home. Believe me, this is quite a luxury and I do enjoy having it but we can't help but think of the waste that is just festering in that tank out back, slowing leaking into the land. We could be making a yield with all this poop, so while I was putting on the finishing touches of our new dining room table, Shaun started in on an indoor compost seat. Stay tuned!

Our previous compost toilet