Monday, May 11, 2015

Slowing Down

Last week, Shaun's parent's flew across the country for a week long visit. This visit gave us a much needed break from the multitude of projects on our To-Do list and most importantly, gave us a chance to just spend time together. Of course, there was still the watering of the garden to attend to, a bit of gardening and keeping the chickens and sheep watered and fed, but for the most part, our days were spent reading copious amounts of Beatrix Potter books, lake hiking, playing in the sand, a bit of self-tattooing, and riding bikes. 

Although I don't consider our lives to be mundane in the least, the constant upkeep of farm chores, our careers, meals and such can feel less than desirous at times. With the snow melted and wild edibles coming on strong I was wondering when we would ever get a chance to just slow down and enjoy the beauty in an ambling, wandering kind of way, with no focus or intention or goal, except perhaps to find some tasty morels along the way! So that's what we did- ambled our ways through the days with many stops for good food and naps. After traveling about the terrain outside our five acres, I've forgotten how giddy I am about the move to this northern land with alpine slopes, dry sweet air and mountain-fed lakes. It feels like home. It is home!

Having our family back together again for a substantial amount of time was really refreshing and I feel renewed- ready to get back to the "mundane" routines of work, farm and family that also nourish me deeply.