Monday, October 13, 2014

Buggy to Coop: Part I

I love craigslist! If I cultivate patience, I always seem to get the best possible materials for farm projects (and meet the nicest people), which is what this decrepit horse buggy is; my ideal foundation for the (hopefully) ideal chicken coop.
In the past six years, we have built, what seems like, every conceivable chicken coop model out there. Chicken coop with run, chicken A-frame tractor, chicken tractor with wheels, moveable hoop house, ect. For one reason or another, they didn't function as the ideal coop. We are hoping to create something that:

1. Keeps predators out, including those that tunnel and unlatch doors
2. Easy to clean
3. Relatively easy to catch chickens while they roost for wing-clipping and the occasional stew
4. Transportable over large plot of terrain
5. Pleasing to the eye

I stripped it down and Shaun helped me to remove the rusty lag bolts in order to replace the tires with some smaller ones. The frame will be amazingly sturdy which we hope to house 20+ chickens once this is built. So here we are- a blank slate and many ideas on little pieces of paper floating around the house and garage. Tomorrow, the floor will be added, painted for longevity and then the sky's the limit! Stay tuned...