Monday, October 20, 2014


I'm not sure my birthday weekend could have been any better and it's not even my birthday yet! It's tomorrow…My husband said I could have the weekend to form my birthday plans and I oscillated between laying in bed watching some new TV series on Netflix while knitting or doing something creative and new. I'm familiar with women's retreat's with various themes, but a "spin-in" was a new concept that was passed on to me last week at a yarn store I was visiting. In this case, over a hundred women (and a few men, I should say) traveled from all over to stay at the Bear Paw Camp in Pend Oreille, ID for a weekend of spinning, knitting, looming (is that an verb?), eating, and caressing a lot of soft roving.   It really was a lovely sight to behold: a dozen or so circles of women with their fiber arts within a larger circle of vendors selling yarn, roving and other beautiful crafts. Being new to the community and also never having been to a spin-in, I was a bit of unsure of where to start, but a group of women motioned me to take an empty seat near them and settle in. It was great. Sitting there with nothing else to do in the world but spin my roving into yarn, learn a great new plying trick, and gawk at the multitude of unique wheels and colors spinning round and round.