Saturday, April 18, 2015


Looking out the upstairs window at 6:15 am...

Shaun: We have a lamb!

Me (still half asleep): Really? Just one?

Shaun: Oh wait...maybe she's having another one...

Me (now completely awake at the window): Do we have molasses? Crap, we have to go get some alfalfa. She's just about to push it out! What time does the feed store open? Oh my gosh, she doesn't even have a shelter and they're on the frozen ground! I need a warm towel to dry them off. Lars get your jacket on- we're going outside!

Lambing is my absolute favorite farming experience of the year and I also tend to hover more than I probably should. The mothers (aside from one aloof yearling some years ago) know what to do and have done an impeccable job of eating their placenta, licking clean their babies, nursing, and bonding. Mother Nature is a sight to behold. And, I guess I like to double check on that system...just in case.

This mama's birth was a graceful one. She did indeed twin two little ram lambs on the frozen ground, without shelter nearby, licked them warm (with a little help from my towel as well), and got them nursing within the hour and flicking their little black tails around. With happy hearts and a beautiful warm day ahead of us, we welcome little Tog and Thel into their new world!

She's got her eye on me. Good ol' protective mama instincts.