Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Two Years

It is truly a magnificent process to watch an infant grow into a small person. Lars is two years old today and just as many parents will say, I wonder where the time went…A large part went to nursing, rocking, carrying, crying and laughing. The rest does not seem so important, really. I'm not sure it mattered if the garden was weeded or the dishes were always clean and put away. Or whether taking that one extra client at the end of the day mattered. Maybe it did. I'm not sure. But ultimately, these pictures and the memories and emotions that accompany them are what I find deeply fulfilling. Yes, it has been challenging, but oh what a steep and direct path to enlightenment motherhood is! Lars will enjoy his new train set on his special day as I enjoy the open-heartedness that being his mother has brought. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!