Saturday, November 22, 2014

First Snow

It's here. It's just a bit, but it's enough for me. I feel like we're ready for this cold, white season. The sheep have shelter, the food is stored, Lars has a really cool wool hat that Papa made, plenty of firewood and there is a steady stream of birthdays for the next month filing me up with a celebratory spirit. We still have a few major farm projects to complete before I really sink into being home, but soon, these crafting days are going to start to pick up again. Although I sometimes wish I could have been knitting and spinning during the fall days, sewing sweet little clothes for Lars, painting and playing music, there was just never enough time in the day while the harvest was at large and the canning jars waiting to be filled. So I left these inspirations and picked them up when I had a moment or two throughout the day. But now, n o w, there is space away from food storing, moving sheep fencing, and all those 2014 farm projects get bumped into a thawing 2015. 
The deep nestling into home can happen now...