Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Baby Swants

Now that we're in the full expression of fall my son is in desperate need of some proper outdoor pants and warm pajamas. With the damp and sometimes very wet days, cotton just doesn't cut it anymore. Over the past few years, I have been making these baby swants (sweater pants); initially used as diaper covers, they morphed into sturdy crawling pants and now to the ultimate fall/winter/spring pants. Wool (or cashmere as depicted) wicks away moisture, is incredibly warm, breathable, stretchy yet tough, and is easy to brush off mud and dirt from the surface of the fiber. The problem is, it can be difficult to find wool toddler pants and they are very expensive. 
When I go thrift store shopping, I like to find natural fiber sweaters and store them away for exactly this type of project. These particular pants are made from cashmere which will be pajama pants, but I like to use thick wool sweaters for outdoor pants. Taking a pair of pants that have a nice design or "cut" to them and rip the seams apart is my pattern. I have been using the same legging-style pattern for over a year now and just keep extending the leg down when I'm cutting onto a new piece of fabric. Sew the sides, the legs and add a stretchy waistband to the top, gives you a really functional piece of clothing with the added bonus of being a beautiful handmade piece that can be passed down for a new baby or two. Plus, how luxurious would it feel to sleep in a cozy, cashmere nighty? Lucky boy, that Lars...