Friday, November 7, 2014

A Sweet Day

After a few weeks of feeling a bit frantic that I still don't have any significant income earned since moving, I've found a calm, sweet space where I can leave the anxiety behind and enjoy the day to day living of our little homestead. We had one gallon of frozen sheep milk left over from last year's milking season and so a batch of yogurt was made for little Lars (his favorite breakfast mixed with applesauce and cinnamon). Feeling inspired with this food prep project, I soaked our latest batch of hazelnuts and dehydrated them, making for a much more nutrient-dense snack and eliminating mineral-binding phytic acid. Plus, they taste so much better when they are crispy and slightly roasted.
I've been working on Christmas stockings for the family and it's a lofty goal to have all three done by late December but it does go surprisingly fast with worsted and bulky weight yarn.
So with a bit of toe and heel left to knit and a handful of nuts, it will be a sweet day to practice the art of patience and trust that income will flow soon enough.