Friday, March 13, 2015

The Greenhouse is Warm!

This has been a project in the works for almost a month now. I started during a sunny, spring-like week and then it snowed. After another week of waiting for the plastic to thaw, the greenhouse is completed and working like…well, a green house should. It was 75 degrees yesterday morning! Although there's not much going on inside at the moment, I've prepared a cold frame inside this structure in order to start our seedlings today. 

This was a project that was made by yours truly (not that this is a great feat by any means…). This is a year of building for us, as we put together this bare 5 acres into a working homestead, and I have high hopes to end this year knowing how to use most hand tools and power tools alike. I would love to walk into our garage and know the names of those metal-bladed cutting-things and understand how they function. I'm getting there…Yesterday, I asked Shaun where he stores the skill saw and went right to work with it! I'm getting there.

This greenhouse was made from a set of plans that can be found on The Survival Podcast, among many other fantastic DIY homestead projects.