Friday, January 30, 2015

A Beaver Kind of Day

By some odd coincidence, our day revolved around beaver findings. After many long days spent working inside, we took the afternoon to enjoy the bright blue sky and the ever-so-warm 35 degree day. Taking a quick detour, we went to a favorite thrift store and found a beaver-felted hat, circa 1925, for $2! My husband being the mountain-man/fur-trapper enthusiast that he is, recognized the beaver felt right away. Later, we tore away the lining, giving us the date it was made (in Germany) and to be used for "camping". Then, back to our outing, we found a small plot of beach to explore. There we found an immense beaver dam in it's beginning stages, complete with a half dozen entry ways and plenty of scat to exemplify the current use of the lodge. As an observer, the location of the lodge seemed a strange one, being that it was downstream no more than a couple thousand feet from an industrial man-made dam….
So back to some more busy days of work and I'm aching for the slowing down of the season. It will surely happen one of these days. In the meantime, we're planning the chick order and making the list of seeds for the garden this spring. After feeling warm sun on my face yesterday, spring feels like it's just around the corner.