Wednesday, December 17, 2014

5 Last Minute Gift Ideas

Some small enterprises of friends and loved ones that I think are gratifying to wear and look at. Also worthy of passing on to your loved ones:

I love Arrowyn's designs. They adorn our mantel and various shelves throughout the house. Her art feels warm and meant for those who like traditional art. 

Who wouldn't want their own custom leather shoes and better yet, make them yourself!? If you live in or around Portland, Oregon or plan on traveling there sometime, this is definitely one of the better investments you can make for pair of shoes that could possibly last you a couple decades. Seriously…

Ok, I'm biased because he's my husband, but I really do think his hats are wonderful for this season and so do many others! What's not to love about recycled merino wool that fits snug on your head?

Our neighbors started this business with a few goats and a little basement studio. Today, they are able to work from home, spend a lot of time with their children and always seem to be around to lend a helping hand cutting wood and fixing cars. A rural dweller's dream I should think! With just a few ingredients, including coconut, these chubs feel and work wonderfully. 

Probably one of the most brilliant parent/child collaboration ideas out there. Pan and Quinn, 5 and 6 years old, will sketch out a hat design and mom knits it. Can't wait to see how Dad fits into this all…