Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I didn't learn to chop wood until we moved to our first homestead five years ago and lived on wood heat. I was terrified to swing a sharp axe at (what seemed like) a tiny log and hope that I aimed right and not at my knees or feet. It took many days of whimpy pounds with lots of little nicks on the surface of the wood until the day I managed to bring the axe over my head, bring the top hand down to meet  the other and slice in half the wood. 
As we go deeper into fall comes a bit of anxiety that all the projects need to get done before the snow arrives and I can easily feel immobile on these days for lack of not knowing what to tackle first. I'm starting to learn that the power of chopping some kindling eases that anxiety and sets me back on track. It's especially settling and sweet because Lars loves to chop wood as much as the next woodsman and has his own (wooden) axe to help mama and papa on those restless days.